Safety Information - Shiplake Vikings Rowing Club

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 Our Safety Requirements are Different for Senior and Junior Members

We naturally have different safety rules for our Seniors and our Juniors.

The following paragraphs are not exhaustive, so they are not detailed enough to give the whole picture, but they hopefully give an idea of some of the things the club does do to conform with the requirements of British Rowing’s excellent RowSafe campaign. In their own words, this “provides safety advice to rowers, clubs, events and anyone else who takes part in rowing”. 

SVRC also has at least one dedicated “Welfare Officer”, whose prime responsibility within the club is safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Anyone with any safeguarding concerns can contact them via email at or by using their personal phone number shown on our “Who To Contact” page

Please note that members are not allowed to row or scull if there are “Red Boards” showing on our stretch (Sonning Lock to Shiplake Lock) on the Thames River website: . 

If “Yellow Boards” are showing, experienced rowers are allowed on the water, but NOT in SINGLE sculls.

Senior Safety

Senior Rowers are by definition adults, and they need to take a sensible amount of responsibility for their own actions but within our Club Rules.

Our Senior Members are obliged to declare every year that they can swim unaided to the levels required by British Rowing, and they also agree to row single sculls only if there are NO warnings on the Thames Stream website and never to row in any  boat if there are RED warnings on that site.

Junior Safety 

We ensure that we have sufficient coaches to follow the “Guiding Principles”  promoted by British Rowing:

  • Everyone who participates in rowing is entitled to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • All British Rowing clubs, competitions and associated individuals must follow the policies defined in our policy documents.
  • British Rowing is committed to helping everyone in rowing accept their responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse.
  • There are procedures in place that show the steps to be followed to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected, that concerns are reported, listened to and acted on appropriately.